Artist & Animator

Here are some props for a military instructional video that I created with NexGen, which were to be used with the preexisting soldier models seen in some of the videos above.  They are (clockwise, starting from the top left): B.E. Meyers GBD-III tactical laser pointer, Remington M24 Sniper Weapon System, M84 flashbang, modular PA system, Mossberg Model 590 shotgun, and Penn Arms PGL 65-40 grenade launcher with sponge grenade.  Software used was 3ds Max and Photoshop.

This is just a character animation I did for fun. I was inspired by the song "Home by the Sea," by Genesis, which is about a thief who picks the wrong house to rob, as it turns out to be haunted. I also used this opportunity to play around with some particle effects. Most of it is made up of the standard biped in 3ds Max and some simple box models. The only reason the office desk is fully textured is because I had previously created it for another project.

My Work

This is just some footage I shot while backpacking in the Appalach-- no, just kidding.  I had a lot

of fun with this visual FX demo, again created while at NexGen.  The photo of the forest/mountains was a sample image that came with Windows.  I used some stock footage for the explosion and a looping bird video (all audio was from a stock audio package as well.)  I put the bird footage into a custom particle system I created in After Effects, in which I also made all of the other effects.

Here is some of my previous work.  Be sure to keep checking back, as I'll try to keep updating this page with new pieces.  Enjoy!

This is a demo I did for NexGen Productions, the broad narrative being "dinosaurs become fossil fuels, fossil fuels are prevalent in the Middle East, conflicts occur in the Middle East."  I mostly just wanted to make some cool dinosaurs....  The "rebel" and "soldier" models, along with the props/environment in the shootout scene were purchased for a project we were doing.  All of the animation and every other model/texture, including the dinosaurs and the pilot/F-22 Raptor, were created by me, using 3ds Max, Photoshop, and After Effects.

Another demo put together for NexGen, this time including some 2D animation.  The "First Spin," "JDRF Rainbow Gala," and "Mind Share" logos were not designed by me; I just broke them apart and animated them.  I had a part in the design of the NexGen logo but am not solely responsible for it.  Again, the soldiers and their vehicles were purchased models, but the Arab civilian character was modeled by me.  Most of the 3D animations and models were created in 3ds Max, but the environment in the "hockey fish" scene I created using e-on software's Vue.  Also used were Photoshop, Flash, and After Effects.